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"Greetings Creative Creatrix Lisa!!!  A quick Love Note back to you! I have so totally enjoyed your 'LOVE NOTE' emails!!! I write down the brilliant and simple questions you ask through the emails and hang them up to unlock more throughout my day! Thank you for embedding magic into everything you send...I perceive AND receive it and it of course is creating change for me and my business!!! How does it get any better than this?"  ~ Tisha, Canada


"I have been meaning to write you for some time (well, every time I get one of your newsletters really). Your newsletters always have valuable nuggets for me and they are such a contribution.  You hit the nail right on the head on so many points that sometimes I feel like you are writing directly to me on whatever "issues" I'm choosing to play with.  You are a huge inspiration and testament to "what else is possible"!"   ~ Kim, Canada


"Thank you for the love notes. I am reading them and they expand my life. Lately I have been aware of my heart. When I go from my mind to my heart I am being myself. And the beauty my heart shows me is calming and nurturing. Hope you will be back in Norway soon!" ~ Elif, Norway


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About Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray has built an international business that is expanding rapidly.  As founder of Creativity Lab, Lisa offers a wealth of different ideas, tools and processes for creating a life and business you truly love. 

After years in the corporate world and coming off second best from a severe round of burnout, Lisa knew that something had to change.  She speaks about what can be different when you get creative and how to transition from where you are now to the life and / or business you would love to have, using your (possibly hidden) creative capacities.

Lisa is an MBA qualified creator of change, a business coach and Access Consciousness Certified FacilitatorĀ® and Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Certified Facilitator. Based in Australia, her events and programs are available globally.

She writes, she plays and she invites people to create magic every single day! Her new book 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' will be out in 2016. Are you ready for a fresh perspective on what's possible?

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