You're seeking creative-edge clarity for your business and your life.  

You're a pioneer. A visionary. A ground-breaking catalyst for change. And right now, your ability to change the world and create the future you know is possible is not working out how you desire… If you’ve ever said..

“I know there’s something beyond this…” “I want more ease and fun in my business…” “I’m done with the hustle…” “This is taking way too long. There must be a faster way.”  … you are in the right place.

You know that creating a business takes work, but it doesn't have to be hard work. Are you ready to discover the magic of creating your business in more phenomenal, playful and nurturing ways? 


Change Your Situation FAST!

You have a 'thing' that you need to change now. You may desire to be visible, remove a specific fear, release writer's block, change your money flows... The Creation Catalyst Fast Change sessions address the underlying energy that is keeping you stuck. 

Together we create... different possibilities, new choices, awareness of different choices. A space for you to choose a different future. 

You receive CHANGE! In gentle, generative, blissful ways. This is not about making the change hard. It's about allowing the energies to emerge and be released. Quickly. Playfully. With ease. You don't have to suffer, or go digging, or even know what created your situation! Energy clearing includes much more than the words you have been using to define your problem.

Please book your session via the links below. The session will be held via Zoom. The link will be provided once you book your session. When we start the session I'll ask you what you'd like to change today... and then the magic will start.

15 minutes $175AUD.  We can change 1 - 2 issues in 15 minutes,

30 minutes $275AUD. We can change 3 - 5 issues in 30 minutes.

If you are ready for change, I'm fast!

Grow Your Business in Unconventional Ways

I invite you to out-create yourself and everything that exists in the world. Your way. With more ease, more space and more peace than you imagine business can be. What are the side effects? Increase your income. Work with the clients you most adore. Create the change in the world that YOU know is possible.

I invite you to know what you could choose, that will allow you to create your business in more phenomenal, magical and nurturing ways than you've played with before.

Creating your business isn’t about the force, the push, the exhaustion or the hustle. It’s about creating an invitation so irresistible and inspiring to your ideal clients that they can’t wait to work with you.


Is the world waiting for YOUR contribution?

What if the gap between from here to there is smaller than you imagine? What if there are new ways that don’t involve following formulas. Could a formula ever capture your vision? Or is that what is killing it?

What future do you desire to create? Are you ready for the adventure of creating it? What if what it takes is having an unconventional, creative-edge coach to get you there?

Why have a business coach? You can google popular business strategies, any business or marketing ‘how-to’ you need, all the rules and habits you should follow for success. And you'll google your life away as you go round in circles trying to work out what you should be doing. What can't you google? Creative-edge clarity! What do I offer?

> The intuitive awareness & strategic insight that make your creations stand out.

> The creative alchemy of nurturing your ideas into life with ease.

> Strategies for engaging the magic your personal presence creates.

These are ground-breaking spaces that create your business brilliance.

"WOW, WOW, WOW So much has shifted in my world since my session with Lisa. A sense of unlimited space and possibilities has opened up. Lisa helped to shift some really locked down & into place, beliefs that I held. That were creating a VERY limited space for me and my life. And she helped unravel some really interesting stuff too. I am so grateful for the serendipitous moment that led me to having a Breakthrough Session with Lisa which I highly recommend. I can not wait to see what else I can create from this new space, and I wonder what else is possible for my life and for my business. I feel so blessed!! Thank you" ~  Lisa Fernando - UK.

Please book your session via this link. $495AUD per hour. For program pricing for multiple sessions, please contact Lisa!

Explore A Magical Mystery Tour Of The Multiverses

You're seeking adventures beyond the realms of the seen and the known. You have wildly different questions to the norm and you're willing to play in wildly different ways. Let me take you on a magical mystery tour of the multiverses. It's an energetic adventure where your requests guide us to the exact spaces that will give you what you are asking for.

I’m magic… and so are you. There’s this world we inhabit that pretends it is logical, except that it’s not. Have you noticed? Our magic works best when we live on the creative edge of chaos. Chaos isn’t havoc. It’s the space of all possibilities. Creating with me is taking a magical, mystery tour through the universes and allowing everything that is possible to be created. It is creating beyond your problems; beyond the stories; beyond the limits you have agreed to. It's going to the source of creation and asking for what you truly desire.



Maybe you're writing a book and you want it to be different to anything that has ever existed. Maybe you have questions about how different energies can connect. Maybe you'd like to explore what the multiverses can contribute to your creations? These magical, mystery tours are unpredictable, totally unconventional and an invitation to ask the unaskable questions you've always desired to explore.  

It's a magical mystery tour. Where you go and what you receive is determined by the space you are willing to be! I'm the catalyst for accessing the energies and spaces you are aware of that always feel just out of reach. How do I do it? It's an innate capacity I've always had... I ask and it is there to play with.

This is an intuitive process that is different every time. I ask you the briefest of questions and immerse you in the energy of what you are asking for.  For the curious and the brave! $1200AUD for 30 - 90 minutes (This is one space time is not relevant!). Let the adventures begin... BOOK YOUR SESSION HERE.


What Choices Are You Yet To Play With?

You have choices available that you haven't even seen yet. Every choice you make in your business can create a greater future for you and the world. Everything you know about how business 'doesn't work' is part of the stunning magic you bring to your business. You don't have to create your business the way everyone says. You can be flexible, creative, experimental, curious, playful and generative.

You don't have to work non-stop. You can create beyond burnout. Your niche may be way bigger than the tiny box people are trying to put you in. You don't have to follow a proven formula or system if you trust your intuition and have your own back. 

My role is to ask the questions that open the doors to the choices you'd really like to make, but don't see how they can work. I've always been on the creative edge of making my businesses work for me. The change you're seeking might be about your mindset, or your strategies for growth and creative empire-building. If you don't have your vision clear, the tactics don't matter. 

About Lisa Murray

Lisa Murray is a creative strategist, a creation catalyst and business generator with a fetish for creating through play. She can contribute to your ideas and projects in unexpected and unconventional ways. She has magical ways of unravelling the confusion and the creative blocks, enabling you to create bigger and bolder with clarity, ease and joy.

Lisa is the founder of Creativity Lab & Business Alchemy Lab, has an MBA in Entrepreneurship & Leadership, and is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator. Her new book 'Stop Waiting, Start Creating' launched in 2016.

She has been a holistic business coach for 8 years, been offering online programs for 5 years, and over the last 4 years has taken Creativity Lab all over the world, facilitating live events in over 15 countries. Based in Noosa, Australia, her clientele are creative, conscious entrepreneurs who desire to create a greater world. 

If the 1:1 investment for working with Lisa is beyond your current budget, you are so welcome to access Lisa's awareness through Business Alchemy Lab, her regular live calls and online adventures.