What is your current money target? Are you nurturing it into reality?

What if there are tools that will create it easier and faster?

Creating money is not about working smarter. It's about BEING MORE.



What do I mean by 'being more'?

Being the energies that generate and create money.

They are a much faster path to wealth than working yourself to death.


Let's get clear. I'm not talking about 'get rich quick' schemes

or 'make money while you sleep' schemes.

I'm not talking about lazy ways to dupe people into giving you money.


I'm inviting you to a possibility of being a different energy that 

invites greater money flows in every moment of your life. 


There is an 'ON' switch for creating money with ease.

It's YOU!

Oops. I said it. And maybe you hate me right now. (I get it!!)


>>> You've been through the roller-coaster of making money and not making money. Countless times. 
>>> You've followed the 'normal' advice of all the money guru's. 
>>> You've tried affirmations, cleared past lives, had all sorts of energy healing... 
>>> You've believed the story of 'follow your passion and the money will come'.
>>> You've done all the research and created stuff to sell that was 'a sure thing'.

And yet, you still don't have ease with money. Yes... that truly does suck. Because somewhere deep inside we KNOW we're not here to suffer or live in poverty! We're here to change the world!!

Most of those strategies also left me in exactly the same shit-storm I started with. Why? Why? Why?

In those moments (years!)... 

I wasn't willing to BE something different. 

I wasn't willing to create something different. 

I wasn't willing to go beyond where I was. 

I wasn't willing to look at what I wasn't being.

 ...BUT I thought I was! (Hint: thinking is NOT the answer!!)
It's not always easy to admit that to yourself.
I was stuck in a cycle of wrongness - of me and the world.
I used to make myself so so so wrong.
Wrong for my choices.
Wrong for not getting this money thing 'right'.
Wrong for not being able to create what I KNEW was possible.
Wrong for not being able to be the energy that creates money.
Truly, if I could have bought www.wrong.com I would have!
Everything changed the day I stopped making myself wrong.
Now... I have more ease with money than I've had since I was a child.
(I was an awesome money generator back then!)


Every week I add a new tool to my personal 'Creating Money' kit. 

AND I actively use the tool to create more. It's working way better than I imagined! 

Are you asking for a different reality with money?

Welcome to my 'Creating Money' party.


What do you receive? A short series of five daily emails introducing you to the essential 'Creating Money' tools I used to move into a new reality with money. It's a journey, not a destination.
I remember what it was like to not know how I would pay my mortgage or feed my dog. That's why it's my gift to you. Everyone should have access to these tools!

Please allow up to 24 hours for your first email to arrive! if you don't receive an email within 24 hours, please check your junk mail and then contact Lisa via the Creativity Lab Contact Page

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