What do you know about money that you're hiding from you?
What does money know about finding you?
Where have you hidden money from you?

Money is everywhere, and yet we’re always seeking more of it! Have you ever felt like you ‘should’ have a lot of money, but it always seems just out of reach? That is the awareness that you’re hiding money from yourself.


The cool thing is, if you have hidden it, you can unhide it. And that’s what we’ll be doing on these calls! Changing the energy, tapping into hidden sources of money, unhiding whatever stops us from having unlimited money flowing in… and so much more!


Join Lisa Murray for three x one hour live calls where we will do energy clearings and play with new strategies for bringing more money into your life.




3x1 HOUR CALLS  | $250 AUD 

8, 9 & 10 November at 7am (Brisbane AEST)

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All calls will be recorded and you can send questions in advance of the call.










"Lisa has an amazing way of being and facilitating that invites people to step into more creating, and to step into more fun with creating. What?! You can have fun with creating?!!? I was feeling a lot of blank spaces around my creative process; and after being on her call series, I had so many more ideas and enthusiasm around what I’d like to create. It actually DID feel like an adventure, and fun!!! Lisa Murray really has an awareness of the nuances of creating, and she is able to get into the nooks and crannies of the different places and spaces we stop ourselves. She asks questions around those areas and is able to pinpoint those sticking points that keep us from truly being the amazing creator that we each are and BE. Thank you Lisa! I’ve only taken a 3-call teleseries (totalling 3 hours) with her, and I’m already creating so much more. And the blocks I thought I had are gone. What else is possible now? Thank you Lisa!"  >>> SYLVIA REMINGTON, USA


"Totally love your telecalls Lisa..... The things that show up are never linear and most of the time I'm wondering why I choose to be on it .... Then this awareness comes along and it's oh, oh yeah and everything is different. Megatons of gratitude xx"  >>> KERRI HOFFMAN, AUSTRALIA


"I've recently undergone a big un-hiding! It's not the easiest thing in the world to come right on out and say, "I'm a dominatrix" but I did. And Lisa Murray was right there ready to create with me, asking if I'd like to be on her Adventurous Creator podcast. The questions she asked me when we talked made it SO easy for me to open my mouth and let brilliance out. No judgment, just her quick, inquisitive nature ready to unearth the "goods" I'd been silently collecting all that time I was in the closet. I've nicknamed her the Brilliance Facilitator because that's what she is: An invitation to see the brilliance in you that even you may have over looked or not put into words yet but soon will."  >>> Georgia Watson, USA



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