"The Adventurous Creator" Podcast is all about YOU.

How you create. What you create. Why you create.

What contribution can I be to your creations?


What if creating your ideas and projects could be a playful adventure in 

discovering your hidden talents and gifts? 

What if you don't need to get 'stuck' or 'bored' with your ideas or your business? 

What if you could know which ideas to play with next and trust your choices?


What if, together, we can discover the creative-edge clarity you are asking for?



Would you like to be a guest on 'The Adventurous Creator?' 


During a 15 - 20 minute breakthrough session via Skype, Lisa Murray will guide you into nurturing the breakthroughs and creative possibilities that will make creating a joyful adventure once more!


You'll be able to move forward with your ideas, your business or your creative projects in tangible ways. Without the fuzz that stops you from creating bigger and better with ease. What if your creations have the capacity to change the world? What if your questions can change the world of other people with similiar questions? :)


Small choices are those that affect just us. BIG choices are those that have a ripple effect in the world. They create possibilities and choices for people and the planet. Would you like to create your ideas in ways that make you money or make you happier? Would you like to expand the impact and influence of your ideas? Let's play!!


Do you have one situation or issue you would love to change or transform? 

Tell us about it below. If it's a good fit for the podcast we'll make a time to play. 


***Please only apply if you are willing to talk about your situation publicly via the podcast.***





Thank YOU! We'll be in contact soon!


P.S. If you sense your situation will take longer to get to a solution, or you don't desire to talk about what's going on publicly, you can always book a Breakthrough Session with Lisa where you will receive private 1-1 facilitation around your specific circumstances. Lisa's rates for private facilitation are $250AUD per hour.