Is this your year of writing every day?

Even if you think you can't write?

It's not about forcing yourself to write. Or writing like other people.

It's about being an energy where the words just flow.

Every. Single. Day!






If you stop judging you, you can be the energy that allows you to write!

What do I mean by 'being the energy'? 


Being true to you allows you to get to the wild, untamed, 

unprogrammed you that truly knows what you'd like to say. 


Allowing yourself to write about the things you've kept locked inside.

Allowing yourself the space to write, even if it's only for you. 


Let's be clear. If you have the desire to write then you can.  

The greatest difference between you and any other writer is one thing.  

Putting words on the page. Every day.



There is an 'ON' switch for writing your 

outrageous, intoxicating, mesmerizing words with ease.


It's YOU!



Has any of this been turning you off?


>>> You have good intentions for writing every day, but months slip past. 

>>> You know you have something brilliant to say, then your unsaid words are written by others.

>>> You know magic shows up when you write, but you're still hiding the magic that is you.

>>> You keep telling yourself you'll write 'when ... ' {something} has happened or changed.  Will you?

>>> Writing is love for you, but somehow your love has run drier than a desert in the summer?


Can I turn YOU on?


Turning YOU on starts with playing with words.


Making writing fun!

Writing for the joy and the pleasure of it, rather than the outcome!


I'm a word alchemist. I love to write...

And yet it is often the last thing to get my energy and attention.

Writing makes me happy. It generates my life.

And yet there is still resistance.


'Writing Wild' is my way of moving past that resistance.

Of tapping into the words which wish to flow through me unimpeded.


Every week I add a new tool to my personal 'Writing Wild' kit.

AND I actively use the tool to get more words on the page.

It's working way better than I imagined!



Are you asking for a different reality with writing?


Welcome to my 'Writing Wild' party... Wanna play?



What do you receive? A short series of five daily emails introducing you to the essential 'Writing Wild' tools I am using to write every day. (Including the full audio from the presentation I did above - it's a degustation of writing tips and ways to get unstuck!)


You know that writing is a journey, not a destination. What if it could be the most luscious journey you've ever been on?


I remember what it was like to not be able to find a single word. To wait for inspiration. To be frustrated that my words didn't match what I truly desired to say. That's why this is my gift to you. Everyone should have access to these tools!


Here's what people have been saying about the mini 'Writing Wild' taster class:


"Hi! I would like to express gratitude for the free taster "Writing Wild" and amazing tools! I started to use them immediately! I am student at fine arts academy, painting department, and I am using the tools in creating paintings and photography too! They are so magical! I have so many ideas! Thank you Lisa!" ~ Alen Kasumović (Croatia)